5 thoughts on “Richard Marx & Sara Niemietz – Keep Coming Back”

  1. I’m sitting here with the A/C maxed out, still sweating, and @ 2:33 when Sara takes the mike, I get cold chills all over my body! That girl has a helluva sound. If she doesn’t become a National Treasure, it won’t be her fault! Who knew that song was supposed to sound like that? I have a bunch of old Luther Vandross stuff, guess I’ll have to find it, and give it another listen… 🙂

    • J-Bird – I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile now. She’s got an awesome set of pipes, and she’s only 19! Check out her YouTube channel… My favorite is “Rollin In The Deep”…I think it’s the best I’ve ever heard. She’s arranged and accompanied on most of her stuff by the great Snuffy Waldon.
      There’s old video footage there of her singing with BJ Thomas when she was only 4 y.o.

      Check out this video of her at 10 yrs old singing “God Bless America”…


      • Thanks DJ! That should be our National Anthem! She showed excellent mic control in that one too! At 10 yrs. old, very few people know to back away from the mic when they are about to blast! She did it like a pro. A Capella style even!

  2. Just like you J-Bird I have been a fan of hers for awhile. Maybe not as long you have but I found her cover of Rolling in the Deep and fell in love.
    Her voice is amazing and I cant wait to here any thing else she may do.

    Thank you for posting this…..


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