Open Mic Saturday

Open Mic Saturday

Weather:  It’s been a really hot week and there’s no relief in sight, nor any rain.  It’s supposed to be at or over 100°F for the next several days.

Forecast jun30

We’re going to see a play, Ain’t Misbehavin’, celebrating the life, times and music of Fats Waller later today.  Other than that we’re staying inside.

My daughter Kris’ air conditioning went out last night so we have their dogs and cat over today.  Her a/c should be back up and running tonight (hopefully).

That’s all from here……

What’s happening with you?


36 thoughts on “Open Mic Saturday”

  1. The sun has just come out here after days of gloom and rain.
    As usual an open mic corresponds with me self-whoring.
    Here’s me, very much post-whisky, my voice all gravelly and raspy from a previous four-hour session with my band, doing a jazzy noirish version of a classic.
    Oh, and the recording came out all quiet for some reason, so turn it up!
    The Message

  2. Mid week, AJ & I are flying down to Florida’s southeast coast to help celebrate Mom J’s 90th birthday. Very small group of family & a few friends will probably end up at Appleby’s and/or Cracker Barrel, her two favorite restaurants, and I believe I’ve already been recruited for some cleaning and household repair duties.

    • 90! Happy Birthday to Mom Jones, here’s to many more.

      DJ, you and AJ should fly over to England some time. I’ll do lunch. πŸ˜‰

      • Man would I love to do that. Not sure the Cessna would be up to it though. But England is one of my top 3 non-US places to visit someday. I would love to finally meet you. I’ll bring pie.

    • That’s so cool. AJ piloting or are you going commercial?

      Happy Birthday Mr’s Jones.

      β™ͺβ™ͺMrs. Jones you’ge got a lovely daughter son.β˜Ίβ™« β™«

      • Commercial. I don’t think he’s ready for a trip of that magnitude yet. Plus the cost of plane rental, fuel, landing fees, etc. And the Cessna only goes about 120 mph, and it’s a 1200 mile trip. An airliner goes about 500-600 mph.

        I LOVED being up in the Cessna though. Got used to the ride within minutes, and I didn’t want it to end. I’m ready to go back up in it anytime. LOVED it more than I thought I would.

        You know, there’s 3 seats in that thing… At 5,000 ft, with the Lake Erie Islands sparkling in the morning sunshine down below, we kept on saying, “Wish infidel was here!”

    • Yeah, and I’m over the limit on my Mastercard, too!
      My cat has been gone for about two weeks, now. He’s been neutered, so all of his adventures, and efforts will do him no good.

      It’s 105Β° outside with 32% humidity.. Inside it’s 76Β° with the A/C maxed out! Both my dogs are laying near the vents and licking on ice cubes, they get no respect, I tell ya.

          • I knew Miss Silver was mentioning Passport difficulties, but the opportunity presented itself, and I can’t seem to pass up an opportunity. Sorry about your situation, Miss Silver.
            Jonco and DJ, you guys are as bad as I am! I love this “family”.

      • The pets always hog the ac/heater. Like my cat; in our old flat, when we had the fireplace, when the fire was on, he’d be smack dab up front, stretched out, warm as can be while the rest of us are swathed in layers of clothing. I tell you, they’ve got it made…

  3. I just came back from the tag-sale trail and it is a dusty one in this heat. Thanks to a pile of old spoons I picked up a few weeks ago I am now obsessed with he origin of “Go spoon a goose!” Take a look at the spoons and see if you can teach me something about that phrase…or those spoons.

    • Spoon a goose may have something to do with laying with your partner in a spoon shape, front to back, and then maybe grabbing a pinch of their rear end…or laying in a spoon shape with an animal…Whatever…

  4. Woo Hoo. We sat a new all time temperature record yesterday. 109 degrees, but the humidity was 20% as if that makes it feel cooler.

  5. Are you sure you don’t live in Texas? The forecast calls for 96 – 98 degrees all next then the triple digits hit. We could set a new record for most days and consecutive days of 100+ degrees.

  6. Temp-wise here in Eltham, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, it’s currently 6.5C (42F), heading for a top of 10C, or around 50F with rain forecast.

  7. Forgive me for laughing my butt off. Your poor daughters a/c went out, and you have her dogs and cat….what about her? The poor girl is probly sweating her ass off and saying very mean things about her daddy about now….lol

      • Jonco Im kinda happy that for the first 20 something years of my life I had no ac which was really hot in the south ,so now if it does stop working I can make it pretty easy

      • Yeah, the months between mud-slide season and fire season are short but sweet. Actually, since it’s been a couple years since our last big fires, I’m a bit concerned.

  8. @hcmom, Southern California is always a great place to be. I lived here since 1954, with only 3 years away. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I don’t live in a fire or flood area, and I’d rather have the occasional earthquake than regular 100+ heat waves, subzero weather, hurricanes, tornados, and other “normal” weather in other places.

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