6 thoughts on “How To Spiral-Cut Your Wiener”

      • Maffu, you must not be from around here, huh?
        In this part of the world, we’ll put everything under the sun on a hotdog, except ketchup! I put ketchup in my chili sauce that I make for hotdogs, to thicken the sauce, add some sweetness, and to keep people from seeing me put ketchup on my hotdog! Hahaha! I can hardly wait to try a ‘spiral cut’ hotdog, though!

        • I like ketchup on hot dogs… also mustard, relish and BBQ sauce…. usually one or two of them but not usually all together, but I wouldn’t rule that out. And I agree about the spiral hot dogs, that looks good.

  1. For some reason I can’t help but hear him say at the end “.. And I love how they tickle when I stick them up my bum”. I don’t know why…

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