21 thoughts on “Ugly Celebrity Feet”

  1. I’ve never said that SJP was ugly. I said that she looked like a horse, and I’ve got three of those…

  2. I’ve never found feet to be pretty in the first place. Even my own feet included. Jennifer A. looks like she might have squeezed her feet into too small of shoes. Comes right down to it, feet are ugly!!!

    • I don’t think the shoe is too small…it’s barely got any support…just shoelaces/straps.
      Also, some people have very, very attractive feet. Most do not.

    • I was infatuated with SJP when she was in the TV show “Square Pegs”

      I think as she got older, she got less cute but still is far from being a one-bagger.

  3. Looks like Tilda Swinton needs a paper bag on both ends! Her face AND feet are both busted!
    Do Jennifer Aniston’s feet have varicose veins, or is she trying to choke them to death?
    Kate Moss better keep a close eye on her feet. One toe has already escaped, and it appears like two more are looking to make a run for it.
    There’s nothing wrong with SJP that a few carrots, a handful of sugar cubes, and a new saddle wouldn’t fix!
    Penelope Cruz’ feet would probably look better on my shoulders.

  4. If I was hooked up with Jennifer or Penelope, I sure as hell would not be noticing their feet…

  5. Maybe it would help if they got shoes where their feet were actually not dragging the ground. It looks like the toes are on the floor in front of the sandals, and they are scrunching them, trying to keep from stubbing their toes. That doesn’t help the vein thing, or Kate Moss’ feet, those are ugly feet.
    Toe thumb. Too funny, shop accident?

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