6 thoughts on “No Snooze For You!”

  1. I shared this on my facebook with a comment about figuring out how to do it with a touch screen phone.

    When I share comments, I don’t get a message that pops up saying that my post has been successful. In fact the sharing page doesn’t change at all. This lead me to double or triple posting things in the past, thinking they had not gone through. Is this something that is common on Chrome, I just switched, or is it an issue with the new share buttons themselves on the blog?

    • I have no idea. I also finally made the switch to Chrome. It has a few ideosyncrasies but I like the things I can do with extensions. I’ll take another look at Firefox in the future.

      • I switched to chrome for a few months and then went back to Firefox. I still use Chrome sometimes for media streaming (very large movies) because that’s the one thing it does much much better than Firefox.
        Other than that though, Chrome really hampers productivity (and goofing off) by just not doing some really basic stuff.
        For instance, no discrete search bar (throwing it into the URL bar actually removes a lot of the functionality from it). Also, inability to have feeds run as live bookmarks without an extension (and then only have them half work and only in that extension’s folder) is a deal breaker.

  2. I need to do this to my wife’s alarm clock, she beat the last two clocks till they no longer worked. Of course it was my fault that she was late for work.

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