7 thoughts on “Username or Password Incorrect”

  1. Let me rain on your parade here: actually giving this info would tell a potential attacker what part was right. You don’t want to give any info to a potentially malicious party.

  2. No, I mean it’s ME that didn’t remember my username or password. And that’s probably because THEY made me change it from my usual rememberable ones.

  3. It’s the various idiotic rules that they come up with…without reminding you. I have 50+ different passwords to try to remember, so just remind me of your rules if I type it in wrong.

    Some don’t care WHAT you type in
    Some don’t allow special characters
    Some require at least one numeral
    Some require one numeral and one special character
    Some limit how long it can be
    Some limit how short it can be (my most annoying is the mininum 8, maximum 8, must not contain repeated letters, must contain at least one number and one special character)

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