16 thoughts on “Attempted Murder”

  1. I didn’t get it either Thy…had to look it up. 😛 lol

    A group of Crows is called a “murder”, but since there’s only two crows…it’s “attempted murder”… *ba dum tss*

  2. Had to look it up, too. That one’s for native English speakers, I guess.

    But on second thought – Is that a “crowbar” they’re sitting on?

  3. It’s nice to know that most B&Pers either know a lot of stuff or are willing and able to look it up.

  4. I saw this and I wondered what the smallest possible size of a murder of crows is? Two would be plural, so wouldn’t that be a murder?

  5. That was very witty, Richard! Had to look up what a group of Ravens is called. (An unkindness or conspiracy.)

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