11 thoughts on “Your Grandfather Has Alzheimers”

  1. I would have laughed at this this before my mother died from the effects of Alzheimer’s…How about a cartoon about cancer?

    • I tell my mother that the best thing about having Alzheimers is there’s never a rerun on tv.

      You have to laugh. Otherwise you’ll go crazy.

      And Richard, I have cancer, and MS, and diabetes, and arthritis, and missing part of my innards AND I can laugh at those diseases too. I can also laugh about the painful and devastating side effects of surgeries and chemo.

      I survived Hurricane Katrina and witnessed horrors as the flood waters rose with my sense of humor intact if not heightened. I can find something funny in losing everything I own, including my father 5 months later. I can also laugh about being the single parent to an autistic child.

      I laugh because I can.

      Surprisingly, I am a well adjusted person with a positive outlook on life and an appreciation for all I do have.

      I’m very sorry that your sense of humor regarding life and all its foibles were lost as well.

      Don’t take life too seriously, you won’t get out alive.

  2. It’s funny, but it’s not, I know, my grandfather has Alzheimers right now, some days he has lucid moments, not many any more.

  3. Terrible disease, my dad died from it,,
    To see a great mind & spirit slowly waste away, is heart breaking.. It’s called the long goodbye..

  4. I admire Kathleen’s response so much. She sounds like such a strong and grounded person, and I only hope than when I get hit with life’s sucker-punches, I’ll be able to come up stronger and smiling too. Livin’ ain’t easy, wear protection.

  5. I still have empathy for the first guy that slipped on a banana peel.

    Jeese Richard, most humor is about peoples problems. “before” is the truthiness of your comment.

    My father had Alzheimer’s (or some other form of dementia) and of course it’s no laughing matter up close and personal. He died of complications of old age.

    Question: How do you die from “just” Alzheimer’s?

    Keep on truckin’ Kathleen, it’s a long strange trip we are on.

  6. My aunt has Alzheimer’s perhaps the good thing most of the time she dose not know. My mother in law had Dementia, her ability to have a conversation shortened to where it was about five minutes before she would go on rewind. None of its funny, but if you don’t laugh it will take you down. Kathleen I admire your outlook and your sprit. Laugher is the best medicine. Take daily and as often a needed.

  7. I agree with Kathleen and Jester. Alzheimer’s, or any other disease, isn’t funny on a personal level but I choose to try to find humor in all of life’s challenges and “gifts”.
    However, I do understand how something just might not sit well with someone at a particular time. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I know that it will occasionally happen. It’s almost NEVER my intention.

    • Jonco, I’ve been stumbling in here for too long to be offended. I guess that the subject is still a little raw for me, or maybe it’s a guilt trip that I need to finish. Please keep on keeping on…

  8. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s & while it’s sad & not fun…

    I still found humor in the cartoon. Perhaps I’ll be struck down by a lightening bolt. Oh well. Figures…I make fun of myself all of the time too.

    Life’s too short to take every damn thing seriously.
    Just sayin.

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