9 thoughts on “Travel Photo List”

  1. photo of gas price sign that is 60 cents a gallon more than you pay at home.
    photo of motel where the bedbugs bite.
    photo of policeman handing you a ticket.
    photo of clothes last seen at hotel three nights ago.
    photo of emergency room where you were treated for food poisoning.

    • Seconded, any objections? No, motion carried. Bella Boo, looks like you’ll be doin’ a table dance!
      If they can’t get the whole gang in the wagon, individual mugshots would be the next choice I think.

  2. Pic with Chumley

    Pic of Bella pawning her wedding ring (HURRY!) 😉

    Gold & Silver Pawn Shop
    713 Las Vegas Blvd So.
    A couple blocks from Sahara.

    directions home to the IP

  3. I wanna see a picture of the receipt from where you get all those pictures developed and, printed. If you do everything on that list, and all the suggestions submitted, that bill should be a doozy! Be sure to get double prints now, they’re cheaper that way. 😀

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