Open Mic – Las Vegas Week

BP Vegas logo3This Open Mic post will be here until we return from or B&P Goes To Las Vegas trip on Tuesday evening.

There will be a few posts each day and I’ll try to post from Las Vegas a little, but don’t be expecting too much.  I’ll probably be adding comments here more than posting.

You can talk about anything you want here.  It’s your forum.  You’re in charge until I get back. 

Have a great week!


25 thoughts on “Open Mic – Las Vegas Week”

  1. I hope you, and everybody else who’s attending, have a really great time out there! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures!!!

  2. Now that they’re away let’s see if Jonco locked the beer fridge…

    DAMNIT! Err, I mean have a great time all 😉

  3. My uncle came out of surgery just fine. My wife and I celebrated by going to the Air and Space Museum next to Dulles Airport. What a fantastic place. They have pretty much one of every interesting aircraft from pre-Wright brothers to the Discovery space shuttle.

    • Shouldn’t that be: the weather is here, wish you were beautiful?

      I hope everyone who is going to Vegas has a wonderful time.

  4. Got into Vegas a little before 1pm but took until 3pm until we got to our hotel. We were the last stop on the shuttle bus and we passed our hotel up 2or3 times on the ride. We walked over to Caesars Palace and had a$44 lunch/dinner. We’re going to try to go to the Improv tonight. Meeting the B&P ers tomorrow.

  5. Go to the Imperial Palace. They have a collection of cars that are all for sale! Also Red Rocks State Park is beautiful. And the Carroll Shelby factory and museum is out at the race track.

  6. We went to the Improv at Harrah’s. 3 comedians,2 of which were pretty good. It’s now 10:30 (12:30 St. Louis time), so we’re tired. Big day tomorrow.

  7. Make sure you don’t succumb to the liberal lifestyle of that town. Wait, maybe you should be liberal…

  8. Bet a nickel on black for me, guys.. I’ll pay you back from my winnings! Seriously, have a safe and happy time out there! ♥

  9. I’m home and pretty tuckered out. Shannon is still on route tomorrow from Vancouver to go back to work in the N.W.T. I had a fantastic and I mean a fantastic time. It really was the trip of my dreams.
    I wish everyone could have been there with us but I will tell you this. It’s a good thing that Patco handed me a big pack of Kleenex at the start because after meeting and re-meeting all those wonderful folks, I used it all up. I still have a perma grin and swollen eyes (only some of it is from the beers) 😉
    It was soooo good to meet and hug everyone. I only have the steam to read a couple of posts but will check them out tomorrow.
    Thank You Jonco for making this happen, and I LOVED meeting EVERY ONE of you!! We had some fun!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Oh Jonco & Pat…my puppies turned themselves inside out again when I got home. They aren’t leaving my side. 🙂

    • 🙂 It was a blast. I caught something on that last day (probably something in that Foster’s). So I’m trying to shake that and catch up here.

      I’ll get around to posting some pictures, but it might be a couple of days. I have a busy couple of days Wed and Thur plus catching up on things around here and getting some posts up.

      Great fun meeting some wonderful people!!! 🙂

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