10 thoughts on “Dog abandoned in desert is rescued”

  1. I watched both videos and glad that Rosie was rescued. I know the feeling on trying to catch an animal. After all your efforts and finally capturing a feeling of great relief comes over you. Especially when it’s your own pet. These people who drop off their pets are only shirking their reponsibility off on someone else. Their what I call cowards because they don’t have the nerve to take their animals to a shelter or humane society

  2. People that abandon domesticated animals should be drawn and quartered and left in a public place for random torture and humiliation. I’m serious. This is an unconscionable and cowardly thing to do and a serious attempt to have karma kick the ever loving crap out of you!

  3. I agree, and thank goodness for people who go out of their way to try and rescue these poor, scared, abandoned animals! Karma should bring lots of nice things your way.

  4. Personally, I believe that anybody who rescues and cares for an animal has special rewards waiting for them in the next life…

    Karma – sometimes it’s a great thing! 🙂

  5. the follow up video gave me goosebumps; AMORE!! Puppy amore, no less. Bless the guys who made an effort to help Rosie, and those just like her.

  6. Well, we just failed Fostering 101. Golden rule of fostering: “Don’t Get Attached.” We have welcomed Bliss, a coton de tulear into our family of 3 chihuahuas. Another ankle biter.

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