7 thoughts on “Beer Prices At MLB Ballparks”

  1. The Braves had two sections way up in the left field corner where they have all you can eat and drink for a flat fee (minus beer). It is definitely worth it…

  2. Mmm, baseball and expensive watered downed beer. Can I have an $8 hot dog to go with that?

    Repeat 162 times.

    Did you see that great play?
    No I was taking a piss, missed it, catch it on the highlights later.

    • “taking a piss” reminds me of the day that Hank Aaron hit his 715th homerun. Hank was coming up to bat in about the fifth inning when my friend Randy decided to take a leak. Sure enough he was doing his thing in a stadium restroom when he heard the roar and realized what an idiot he was…

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