21 thoughts on “Double Take”

  1. It’s nice to see that in the pictures capturing people in a loving embrace, it looks as if both people are blending into one another.

  2. Great stuff.
    Got this link via boing boing, but would rather comment here, because at boing boing they block you if your comments do not agree with the boing boing owner’s politics and his point of view.

    • I love these, real mind benders!

      Sandra: If you where trolling, sure. Otherwise you can converse very freely at boingboing, in my experience.

      • Lol. Nice pics.

        Jainon and Sandra: I’d say that BoingBoing allows opposition, but that you get away with far less snarkiness if you’re in opposition than if you’re a yea-sayer.

      • My experience agrees with Sandra’s. Definitely wasn’t trolling, but did openly complain about an admin editing another commenters post to reverse what it looked like they were trying to say. My post was left up, it had a large number of likes. My account was banned within minutes.

        I also once posted a link to a science journal to contradict what an admin had said in comments about some alternative health thing, I can’t even remember what anymore. Banned.

        I love the blog, and maybe they have huge trolling and spam problems, and maybe those admins are volunteers and they take what they can get, I don’t know. But the moderation system is profoundly broken. I probably agree with a large percentage of politics that would be expected at Boing Boing but I’ve still noticed a hilarious amount of admin abuse. Lucky that the comments aren’t really an important part of the site anyway.

    • I’m trying to figure out a way to block Sandra Vimes’s comments, but I don’t think Boing Boing’s tentacles reach far enough into your system.

    • Totally, totally agree. They censor anyone who disagrees or critisizes them even if you use civil language.

  3. No way, that mod antibodies is obnoxious, has a bunch of kooky far left views and is a jerk about it. He chased off a whole lot of good commenters with his attitude

  4. i don’t know what’s going on in the picture where the girl is talking into the microphone. can someone help me out?

  5. Oh God the last one is almost the same as a terrifying nightmare I had once. They’re very funny, especially the juvenile ‘it looks like she spread her legs’ ones

  6. I think you may have used some of these before(!) But they are good. Some of them don’t seem like proper double takes, though.

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