12 thoughts on “Bank Vaults in Crazy Places”

  1. “This vault was the only part left of the Commerce Bank in Joplin, MO, after a hurricane swept through one year ago this Tuesday.”

    That must have been some hurricane to have swept that far inland.

  2. I think the storm type they were looking for was “tornado”, not hurricane. Joplin was hit by an EF-5 (I believe) tornado last May.

  3. There is also a “famous” vault in the Virgin Megastore shop on Les Champs Elysées Avenue, in Paris, France.

  4. The bank vault in Joplin really hit a nerve. I lived there many years ago and I still have friends and family in that area.

  5. wow you’ll sure keep the vault safe!and i wouldn’t wanna go into the meeting room vault thingy,because IF the door closes and locks you’ll still be in it.

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