See the other side of the world

If you could drill a hole straight down all the way through the Earth, where would you end up on the opposite side?

I’d end up in the Indian Ocean  off the coast of Australia.  I could visit all my friends down under. 

Other side of the world

 I’d better start digging.  This might take a while.

What’s on the opposite side of world from you?    Find out at Antipodes Map

Thanks C.J.




18 thoughts on “See the other side of the world”

  1. I always thought no matter where you dug, you would end up in china…. go figure.
    I ended up southwest of Australia.

  2. I would be out in the Indian Ocean, southwest of Australia. And I wouldn’t want to be out there because there’s no land in sight. Think I’ll stay right here in Michigan,thank you!!!

  3. I’d come out only 15 or so kilometres south of the Kerguelen islands. Looks like a nice place, too.

  4. I’d be in the middle of no where and the deep blue sea. Actually, that’s where I live now.

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