7 thoughts on “Meanwhile In India”

  1. All my friends know the low rider
    The low rider is a little higher

    Low rider drives a little slower
    Low rider is a real goer…

  2. I bought a new Shit I mean Dodge (same thing) cargo van for work back around the late 70s that had the passenger seat as an expensive option. I was single and work alone, so wtf. Kept a patio chair like this on hand for emergency passengers.

  3. I see he’s got the front legs on his chair setting on his flip-flops for that “riding on a cloud feeling.” Probably keeps him in his seat if he gets
    T-boned also.

  4. The fact that this man built a car out of nothing escapes most people. It’s a cultural thing. We see something funny, someone who has provided us with something to laugh at, while others might look at this man and wonder how much he would have if he gets something to work with.

    This is why we’re losing the cultural conflict in America. People who were not born here can come here and out work most of those who were born here, and live better than where they were from, easily.

    The people from India are some of the hardest working people you’ll find in America right now, and the Latinos are right there with them.

    The people who were born here? Not so much.

    • I resemble that remark.

      People of the 3rd (2nd?) world are, if nothing else, masters of improvisation (like rednecks). Given the chance, they are masters of innovation.

      Complacency will get you… well, where you are now.

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