8 thoughts on “How Real Men Remove Fish Hooks”

  1. They should have pushed the hook out the other side and either bent the barb down, or cut the hook off. then it could be removed without much chance of damaging the hand that it was stuck into.

    What they did was a great way to end up with permanent damage to nerve and/or muscle tissue.

    But at least they had the right anesthesia on deck!

  2. We had to do this to our cat once. Push it all the way through, cut off the barb, and retract it. It sucked.

  3. Is the “Real Man” the one with his eyes closed, boozed up, looking at the ground and whining with a fish hook in his hand? The one who stopped the boat and the demanded the attention of the entire group?

    …for shame! just cut the line, tie on a new hook, re-bait, and keep fishing. Real men wouldn’t let their buddies know that they were so klutzy!

  4. I learned this procedure from Dr. Finlay C. Crowe during my stint in the USAF as a medic. How it works is you loop that string around the hook so you can yank it out and just before the yank you push down on the eyelet to disengage the barb from the meat. It just comes out without ripping the skin as you just watched.

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