8 thoughts on “Marriage Advice…”

  1. I wish my grandmother was still around to be able to do this with my grandpop. They’d be married 67 years this year.

    Instead, we got the false-teeth-on-the-table in the restaurant move this weekend.

  2. So great to see!

    My grandparents celebrated 72 years this past Jan. At my wedding 7 years ago, we had an anniversary dance – the DJ had couples sit based on how many years of marriage until one remains. Rather than the garter/bouquet toss, we gave my bouquet to my grandmother to commemorate their longevity. The DJ asked my grandfather the secret to their success and he replied “Listening” the DJ inquired “Listening to what?” My grandmother answered “to me!”

  3. I was lucky to host my parents’ 50th anniversary party as a surprise. Those videos are priceless.

    WTG to the people who stay married through thick and thin — quite rare these days.

  4. My husband and I were married for 43 yrs. We were together through thick and thin. We never had any children, not that we didn’t want any they just never came. We took our marriage vows very seriously. We renewed our vows on our 25th. Don’t think the ones of today take their vows seriously, as most of them are divorced by 10 yrs. of marriage. This video was cute and so funny at the end.

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