11 thoughts on “You’re Worth More Dead Than Alive”

  1. They forgot to mention how baby boys are already parted out by unnecessary removal of their foreskins. These are sold by the hospitals to brokers for hundreds of dollars, liquefied and grown into sheets, resold as “artificial skin” for tens of thousands of dollars. Taken into account, nearly half of all Americans are already involved in the organ and tissue trade.

    Sure, skin for burn victims is a good thing, but it’s not so good that we should mutilate the genitals of hundreds of millions of non-consenting human beings. It’s become profitable to deliberately manipulate parents into allowing their children to be permanently altered, playing on their fears of uncleanliness and immorality.

  2. Altho it wouldn’t fix the problem this is why it is important to be a voluntary donor. I don’t want to be buried when I die, I want as much of me as possible to be used. So, I will endeavor to not die in a fire.

  3. But without proper tissue matching, a black market body part could do more damage to the recipient than just waiting.

    But I guess not enough heirs care enough to help fight the black market.

  4. I’m reading a book by Michael Palmer called “The Fifth Vial” about the organ trade right now. Great book as all of his are.

    And I believe some of the values might be off. Skulls WITH teeth are mighty rare down here in Tennessee.

  5. If skin is going for $10.00 per square inch, I wonder how much I can get for my dandruff? And is there a market for ear wax or belly button lint? How ’bout nail clippings?

  6. So I want to be cremated when I pass; someone told me that they remove your organs (those that are not donated, I am an organ donator) before they cremate you, that’s BS, I want my ashes to be me, not just skin and bones. Does anyone know more info about this?

    • Get over it. When you are dead, you are dead. Check your Ego at Death’s Door.

      Ashes to ashes, as they say. If you believe in a soul, so be it, nothing to do with the physical body.

      But, do be a donor. The greatest gift you could ever leave behind.
      And if you believe in God, you will earn some Brownie Points.

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