5 thoughts on “I’m The Big Sister”

  1. That’s the cutest little girl EVER. There’s nothing as rewarding as making a little kid happy, is there?

    • The best sound in the world is a child’s belly laugh.

      That was a great clip. I think I have something in my eye–excuse me…

  2. Awe. So sweet. My ex-wife just had a hysterectomy and we both only have our one daughter, so if my daughter (who happens to look very much like this girl here) is to ever have a blood sibling, it’s completely up to me now. And everyone deserves a sibling.

    • That sounds good, Pooh.. to keep them from getting mundane, use different tools, such as a circular saw, or a weed whacker..
      Make sure to show some blood every now and then. It doesn’t even have to be your blood. Be sure to sell them cheap too, you’ll make more money doing a volume business..

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