Holocaust Remembrance Day

This is how drivers in Israel show respect on Holocaust Remembrance Day or Holocaust Day, as Israel’s day of commemoration for the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by Nazi Germany and its allies.

Every year, there is a moment of silence across Israel in remembrance of those perished in the Holocaust. A siren rings throughout the country where every citizen stands at attention no matter where they are.

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5 thoughts on “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

  1. That was kind of awesome. (The few seconds before and after seemed a little dangerous though.) I doubt if we could ever get that kind of cooperation in the US.

  2. That was amazing. We can’t even manage to handle 50,000 people in a stadium taking their hats off and standing still for the national anthem. But then again people in the video go back to being rude and beeping at each other as soon as the sound stops.

  3. I noticed early in the video, some people standing at attention and others nervously fidgeting and looking around. And I found myself somewhat disturbed by this video. I absolutely believe in “Never Forget” but the CONDITIONING I see here: ring a bell and everybody does what everybody else does and everybody does what they’re expected to do … I find that kind of conditioning disturbing.

    To honor those innocent people who died so horribly is one thing. To condition people to respond by coming to attention and obeying at the sound of a siren: that’s something different in my mind. This isn’t like a ceremony or people coming together for a purpose being called to attention. This is EVERYBODY, EVERYWHERE … IN PUBLIC … called to obey. I almost see the hand of a giant master and a giant voice ringing out “SIT!”

    It’s that kind of “OBEY” conditioning that CAUSED the holocaust.

    I often say “You want to see a society where people respect authority, don’t tear down and question their leaders all the time, and always do what they’re told? Nazi Germany.”

    Take away independence, freedom and thought and all you have left is fascism. Honor should be a choice: not a mandate, a rule or a law.

    • Are you talking about that video or the Vatican?

      What was shown is the last thing from “conditioning”. It was a signal. Could you imagine the chaos if everyone did it according to their watches?

      Feeling like you have to watch the Super Bowl is “conditioning”.

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