Dick Clark Dead at 82

Dick Clark, the music industry maverick, longtime TV host and powerhouse producer who changed the way we listened to pop music with “American Bandstand,” and whose trademark “Rockin’ Eve” became a fixture of New Year’s celebrations, died of a hear attack today at the age of 82.   More on Clark’s death

Daytime Emmy Awards tribute to American Bandstand and Dick Clark in June of 2010.

From the Las Vegas Hilton, the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards pays tribute to the classic daytime TV show, American Bandstand and to the host with the most, Dick Clark. Ryan Seacrest hosts the segment which features the cast of Jersey Boys, Marie Osmond, Chubby Checker and Tony Orlando. With tributes from Simon Cowell, Cher, and many more.

Dick Clark’s Wikipedia Page


3 thoughts on “Dick Clark Dead at 82”

  1. Bummer.

    I liked the Pyramid shows – the “$10,000 Pyramid” and the “$25,000 Pyramid”

    And I like to misquote “American Bandstand” to fit me: It has a good beat but I can’t dance, so I will give it a 63.

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