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If you’re short sighted and don’t have your glasses with you, but need to see. Make an “OK” gesture with your hand and slide your finger down your thumb to make the hole smaller and smaller till its just a pinhole size. Then look through it, and everything’s in focus.



7 thoughts on “Today’s Tip”

  1. I use this technique a lot, specially in the shower when trying to read labels on shampoo and conditioner bottles. I also use it to look at the clock during the night. Sometimes you have to hold your hand really close to what you are trying to read.

  2. Same idea taken to the next level, pinhole lens.

    I’ve noticed that looking through the teeth of a fine comb will sort of help focus distant things as well.

    I mentioned this to my optometrist once and he told me that years ago in the north that the people living up there would hold the baleen from a whale to look through and help focus vision.

  3. Poking a pin through a piece of paper is how I normally handle it. Now if I could find my #$TR%R% glasses to find a pin…

  4. Tell me about it.. I’m supposed to be ‘far-sighted’, yet the moon is blurry.. Who do I complain to about that?

  5. 1) If you’re “short-sighted” it means you don’t plan very well. It has nothing to do with your vision. Perhaps you meant “near-sighted” or “far-sighted”?

    2) I wouldn’t advise doing this in a Arabic country. The “OK” hand sign is considered the “evil eye” among many people of that culture. It’s roughly the equivalent of flipping the bird in Western countries, but with the added bonus of a religious and/or black magic connotation. You won’t like the results, I assure you.

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