7 thoughts on “The Secret Behind The Tupac Hologram”

  1. for the tl/dr (too long/don’t read) crowd: I don’t get the Chuck Testa jokes. LOL!

    Ironically, from a communications point of view, memes work on the same principle as jargon. It’s essentially exclusive (or exclusionary) language or communication (in this case through ideas represented visually) designed to define a peer group: those who understand or “get it” are “in” while those who do not, aren’t. It’s kind of like how tech guys like to use technical terminology to joke with one another while in the presence of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

    Interestingly, a lot of old Vaudeville jokes worked on the same principle. Some jokes became so old, that the comedians stopped bothering with the “buildup” and instead did only “punchlines”. They ended up being contextual “one-liners”: but in order to understand why the joke was funny, you had to have heard it before.

    So today, if we watch an old reel and some guy comes on stage and says “Take my wife … please!” and everybody laughs: we don’t get it because we never heard the full joke.

    Golly, I sure do take the fun out of humor, don’t I?

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