8 thoughts on “Entangled”

  1. Somehow, I feel like Mike F is involved in this. He does not want me to ever get a good night’s sleep ever again.

  2. Bestiality–animal porn.

    That is how some snakes mate.

    Cue the 70’s adult film music.

    DJ – just think–more snakes coming!

  3. I was thinking that maybe I was intruding on them and they actually were “Doing” it. You confirmed it.
    Gee thanks Tim!
    More snakes…

  4. “I love you.”
    “Love you more.”
    “I. Love. You.”
    “Love you more.”
    “I love you deeply.”
    “Love you more.”
    “Still more.”
    “Lots m..”
    “Oh, bite me already, you fool!”

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