7 thoughts on “How To Sneak Booze Into The Stadium”

  1. Can you imagine the faces of the people around him that didn’t know what he was doing? Especially when he gets to the end and is shaking it out for the final drops?

  2. gosh I must be a cretin, I just carried a small bottle in last time I went to a hocky game, and the last football game I went to we were fortunate enough to get box seats where all the booze and beer was provided, that was a comp trip from the company I worked for then, that’ll never happen again!

  3. that’s hilarious although i can only imagine what fiascos could ensue when the wearer is drunk and actually trying to use the bathroom.

  4. This reminds me of the hollow canes and those binocular flasks that folks would sneak into football games. I preferred wearing a panama hat with a flask sitting on top of my head.

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