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The story captivated Georgia. A Pizza Delivery guy sees a young woman, naked, in handcuffs and gagged, lying behind a sofa. She motions to him to call 911 and after he leaves, a desperate call for help goes out. The police arrived and arrest the monster, save the woman, and the pizza guy is a hero. The monster, while in jail, is fired from his job, divorced from his wife and held without bail.

Back in Blakely Georgia, the young woman’s hometown, there are some glances being exchanged from the people who once knew her. She had set several fires in the bathrooms of churches she once attended, and she had this odd habit of being caught up in all sorts of drama all the time. Why, she even accused a man of raping her.

Meanwhile, back in Atlanta, there are some odds things beginning to surface. It seems these two not only knew one another but phone records show a lot of contact between the two before the incident. A surveillance video shows the man’s car parked at a gas station with the woman in the front seat, clearly unbound and ungagged, alone and waiting for him to come out of the store. She seems to be trying to hide, somewhat, like a woman dating a married man would. Before it was all said and done, the man’s story of him dating a much younger and much more insane
woman turned out to be true.

No one knows why on earth this woman decided to do this. It could very well be she wanted to end the relationship and you have to admit, this would be a way to final it out, forever. No one knows why she set fires in the trash cans in churches. No one knows why she liked being handcuffed and gagged during sex, but that has nothing at all to do with the rest of the story, but it will assure her that anyone who ever asks her out again will know what to expect.

And now we have the mother of seven who claimed to have a winning lottery ticket and she wasn’t sharing with anyone. Wow! Talk about an ice breaker! So the media buys into this, the public wants to know more, but there isn’t a ticket. The woman gets a lawyer, he calls a press conference, and tells people to leave her alone she’s tired of the attention. You call a press conference to tell people you don’t want attention. The most memorable quote so far is “ I didn’t make up no story to get no attention” Yet she at one point claim to have hidden the ticket in a McDonalds and then claimed to have lost the ticket. The fifteen minute ticker on this lady has just about closed. But maybe some magazine will offer her money to pose nude like the
Octomom. She can be the Lottomom.

So why would anyone claim to be a rape victim when thirty seconds of thought would have led to some serious doubts about long term belief of the story? You can, in fact, have an affair with a man, engage in kinky sex, and still be raped by the man, but you can’t make up a story about being abducted and then show up at a gas station trying to hide your face. Why would a woman make up a story about a lottery ticket if she didn’t have one? Of course, the attention might be good for a few minutes but sooner or later this gig will end and no one in their right mind is going to hire you.

Write fiction if you have the urge to make up stories, but don’t take anyone down with you when you go.

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First rape story here:

The truth:

The Lottomom:


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30 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Liar”

  1. Wise reflections from Mike again this morning. He’s our Charles Kuralt without the second family.

  2. Mike…
    The best advice I ever heard about crazy people is to not engage with them and try to figure them out. The reason is because they will simply drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience. In other words, crazy people WILL make you crazy if you try to connect.

  3. “No one knows why she liked being handcuffed and gagged during sex”

    Surely you jest, kind sir. The nut cases abound. Steer clear, if you know what’s good for you. There was this one chick in Estacada, OR one time who really liked being tied-up and… oh look! Time to go to work!

  4. Good read as always. As for the crazies, well they walk among us, they aren’t always easy to spot until the crazy leaks out all over.

  5. Mike are you still trying to write bad screenplays?

    ALL 3 of your “references” led to “does not exist”.

    Sorry folks. Not a member of the “Like Mike” parade.

    “Write fiction if you have the urge to make up stories, but don’t take anyone down with you when you go”.

    • Oops, you goofed again you tried your old Fox News scam again…

      Looks like the links just didn’t appear on the page properly. Jonco can probably fix ’em. Go back to the links, copy them all the way from the “http” through the “html” and try again.

      The Maryland lotto liar story was pretty big last week and you really should be able to find it easily on most news sites.

    • Grumpy,

      If you would have done a google search on the story it’s pretty easy to find. Oddly, the story about the Pizza Guy Hero is easy to find, the follow up on the truth takes some digging.

      You clearly haven’t been paying attention to how Bits and Pieces operates. I have friends here, good friends, but it is exceedingly rare anything gets past the truth filter these people have. Remember my story about the vodka tampons? I thought that was true, had a link (that worked) and everything.

      It got mauled. Three or four people pointed out stories that busted it.

      I’m here because Jon asked me to write here. I work on the assumption if there is something I do that pisses him off I am gone without severance pay. I’m certain he won’t boot me for being wrong, but I am equally certain if I try to pass off some story off as truth when it isn’t it will cause enough people to uncover it, and trash it, as to be an embarrassment.

      And honestly, look at how you reacted to the links being bad. Do you think you were going to be the only one?

      Oh no, people like me because I write well and because even when I am wrong it’s honest.

      This is Bits and Pieces, Grumpy. The people here can be, and will be brutal with a fraud and I have no intention of ever walking into those crosshairs.

        • Jon did and it was great!

          I am slowly but surely becoming less of a Hermit these days.

          But really, the readers here will eat me for lunch and toss the bones away over their shoulders if I try to scam them.

      • Mike, I humbly give a 1000 apologies. To you and everyone else.
        I went with the “evidence” given (I may have been the first to check the links) and called it as it was at the moment.

        You are right about the smart people here that will not let BS pass untested. I tested. Turns out, testing was not good enough.

        Again, I`m sorry. Hope you see this.

        • Thanks, Grumpy!

          Apology accepted.

          You were merely performing your part in the process. Just think of what would happened if you were right! I am telling you, this is a brutal place when it comes to the truth!

          You are an honorable man, Grumpy, and I appreciate it.

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