18 thoughts on “No Shortage of Idiots”

  1. I’m really worried about the reaction IF (and I mean IF) Zimmerman is acquitted. As displayed here there are people who think just because he was arrested that he is now guilty.

  2. I kinda understand “Stand your ground” rule but I’m a Canadian and don’t understand all American law. I’m thinking it as IF you break into my home, I can legally blow you away. Now, someone followed and shot another young man. Where was #1 young man standing his ground? He was stalking #2 young man.

    I don’t want to get into any of the politics of this incident but I will say that one man walked away for another day, and one young man went home in a body bag.

    A human being was murdered. He is dead. Someone has to be accountable for that under any conditions. Sorry, that’s my bit of a rant.

    At least I kept it clean this time.

    • I don’t know the details of this particular incident (and remember that no one else knows exactly what happened either) but sometimes the person killed is the one who should be held accountable.

      • True enough Jonco but the victim here was packing skittles and an ice tea and the self appointed neighbourhood watchman was packing heat.
        I’m relieved that #1 was arrested and will be judged by his peers. Let the jury figure it out and if he is found not guilty like OJ or Casey Anthony then so be it. That’s how justice works. My heart goes out to the parents and family of #2.

          • I believe I stated that I was a Canadian and don’t understand all American Law. The statement I made about what each person was packing was correct. But I have 2 lightbulbs out in the kitchen and thanks for reminding me to change them. I don’t have all the facts here but I do know that there is only one real witness left in this case as “Dead kids can’t talk”.

  3. She’s a super-idiot. Zimmerman has been charged, not convicted. I think many people really don’t care how dumb they are.

  4. If Zimmerman did pursue the kid (as the media states) then the Stand Your Ground law doesn’t even come into play. All, SYG laws say is that you have no duty to retreat when you feel your life is in danger, regardless of where you are. In the past you had to try to get away (unless in your domicile), thus turning your back on an assailant and giving them the advantage. That hasn’t stopped the anti-gunners from jumping all over the law, but they are either mis-informed or just using disinformation as ammunition to support their views.

    No one really knows what happened, but if Zimmerman is Acquitted there will be rioting and looting, so if you live in the city prepare yourself and your family.

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