4 thoughts on “Remember when your parents wouldn’t let you have a trampoline?”

  1. Did that guy’s spine really snap? Can someone explain what actually happened? Was it the landing or the tramp’s rebound do that?

  2. Apparently he suffered a pretty good sprain and was in a brace for a month or so, but suffered no permanent damage to the spine or loss of sensation to limbs.

  3. Our bodies can accomplish some ridiculous and amazing things, if they happen quick enough. I’m sure you’ve all heard of mom’s lifting 2 ton cars when their kid is in danger, but we’re also astonishingly flexible, too (even our bones). I’ve seen a few slow motion videos of people breaking bones, and it’s ridiculous how far it bends before it snaps (one video, a guy’s shin bent 30-40º before snapping. For those less familiar with degrees, 45º is half of 90º, which you should know). Anything skin or cartilage is even more crazy flexible. Look at how far this guy’s nose moves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FqpDmUO0y0

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