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Trivia Tidbit:  Alligators and crocodiles both are in the same biological order (crocodylia) but belong to different biological families. How can one tell them apart? The San Diego Zoo explains that alligators tend to have U-shaped jaws while crocodiles have sharper, V-shaped ones; the fourth tooth on the lower jaw of crocodiles is exposed when their mouths are closed — this is not so for alligators; and while both have glands on their tongues which allow the beasts to expel excess salt, the crocodiles’ work better, so they prefer saltwater environments while alligators prefer freshwater ones.    via


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  1. In reference to ‘worse opinions’, number six is pretty accurate if you substitute ‘TV’ for ‘motion pictures’.

  2. In reference to the thumbnail from the weightloss pics: She looked better before hand. Stick figures aren’t sexy.

  3. I love the pitbull story. I also liked the Jesus meme story too funny.
    I have to agree with the Cap’n, the girl went too far, her friends should be concerned for her health. If they aren’t, she doesn’t have any true friends.

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