5 thoughts on “What’s Inside The School Lunch Hamburger?”

  1. It was interesting that they compared the last ingredient to MSG because 99% of the time, the ingredient listed as “Natural Flavoring” is… you guessed it, MSG. They just call it “Natural Flavoring” so people won’t freak out about MSG being in their food.

  2. Brian: Provide us with a reference to your statement that natural flavoring is MSG 99 percent of the time. By the way, did you know that 43.6 percent of statistics are dreamed up by idiots?

  3. Those are such sweet people that I almost forgot they were talking about eating stuff that is not actually food. When I was a kid, state and federal taxes totaled barely 8% of a paycheck and one man could support an entire family working only one job eight hours a day. Mommy stayed home all day and I carried a lunch made of honest to God peanut butter and jelly and I ate it before it had time to spoil. So there was no need for artificial protein and spoilage retarders.

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