B&P is 10 Years Old Today!


Happy Birthday B&P!

10 yearsThe first blog I can remember reading regularly was memepool.com.  (It’s still there and just started back up after a three year hiatus.)  Then I discovered J-Walk Blog and was hooked.   Like many of you I was forwarding funny things people sent me.  I always worried about whether some wouldn’t want to receive this stuff, so I decided to start Bits & Pieces.  The name comes from a column I wrote in a newsletter for a club I belong to that featured little bits of miscellaneous information.

Bits & Pieces began on March 31, 2002 over at BitsandPieces1.blogspot.combut posting was sporadic for the first couple of years.  Somewhere around 2005 I began to get serious and started posting daily.

The very first post was just a “welcome” post:  http://bitsandpieces1.blogspot.com/2002/03/welcome-to-latest-incarnation-from.html

The first post with real content was April 3, 2002 –  Butts Across America  The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s been an interesting ten years. A lot has happened in those years.  The site slowly and steadily gained a following of loyal readers.  Their (your) input made it fun for me to continue. Of course adding ads to the site helped pay the costs of hosting and running the site. 

Ten years is a long time in the blogosphere.  Here are just a few major internet players and how long they’ve been around:

  • J-Walk Blog –  9 years (closed)
  • Miss Cellania –  7 years
  • The Presurfer –  12 years
  • Huffington Post –  7 years
  • Cynical-C Blog –  8 years
  • Joanne Casey –  5 Years
  • Boing Boing –  17 years
  • Daily Kos –  10 years
  • Amy Oops –  4 years
  • Reddit –  7 years
  • Facebook –  8 years
  • Neatorama –  7 years
  • Buzz Feed –  6 years

Will B&P be around in another ten years?  Who knows!  Stay tuned and find out.

Thanks to you, the loyal readers of Bits & Pieces.  Without you, I’m sure this site would be history.


68 thoughts on “B&P is 10 Years Old Today!”

  1. I’ve been coming around here for about 5 years. BnPs probably took a week out of my life. Time well spent. Happy anniversary, Jonco.

  2. I love B&P’s. I don’t remember how I found out about your site but have visited every weekend I have off for years. Many times I don’t get started on the things I need to get done because there are so many interesting posts. Thank you for the entertainment.

  3. Congratulations on ten great years! I’ve been stopping by for the last 7 or 8 years myself. Always twice a day, first at work, for photos and comments, then again at home to see all the video content that’s blocked at work. Great job!!! Here’s wishing you many more years of fun!

  4. Congratulations Jonco! I haven’t been looking at your blog for too long(just 2 months!)but visiting B/P is a big part of my daily pleasure. I started with your oldest posts, and am trying to catch up as quick as I can. I am currently at page 988. I wish you nothing but the best!

  5. Thanks for all the kind words. Your comments and participation are a big part of what B&P has become. Thank you!

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