6 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day is like Valentines Day”

  1. To me, the only folks who like Scotch whiskey are the ones who have never tried Irish whiskey, especially Jameson…

  2. I got pissed tonight. Coz I’m a bit Irish, a bit english and a whole bunch Scottish. Pound’er. I even drank green beer. That’s YUK. Don’t do it.

  3. Good on ya, Bella! I only wish I could have gotten pissed with you, I’m part Irish on my mothers side, her father was half Irish, half English(no clue how that happened).My father’s side an even bigger suprise.

      • Yeah, it’s a bad day when you have to walk with your head tilted sideways, I’ve been there before, not lately, but I have.

        • It’s clearing up a bit Chick, but not much. I now know why I’m slowing down. One of my best friends passed on last fall and his favorite day of the year was St Paddy’s Day. A bunch us decided we never wanted to remember the day he left us but the day that he loved the most. It will be St Pat’s Day forever more. I just can’t drink the Tullamore Dew, Jamesons or Green Beer like the big boys.

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