22 thoughts on “Big Pot of Chicken Feet”

  1. My Philippina gf just loves these and cooks them about once a week. all along the streets here in the Islands, there are little ‘cool aid’ type stands that BBQ these and sell them for 5 pesos each. They taste OK, but there is no meat, only charred skin to nibble on. I draw the line at a pot full of chicken heads! she can eat them, but no eyeballs and beaks for me! I can eat ‘balut’, but only after a couple of liters of Red Horse. (Balut is a boiled egg that is almost ready to hatch.)

    • ooooh, don’t google balut, I’m warning the rest of you. Hurl. Sorry xalaskan, it’s a cultural thing but I’ve never heard of such a thing.

      • Sorry Bella, didn’t mean to gross you out, but dog is on the menu here too. Balut isn’t a ‘dare’, it’s a delicacy here. but, on the bright side — guys, use your imagination![img][/img]

    • I was gonna say, yum! Chicken soup is the next step.

      Keep this picture in your mind next time you buy canned soup. That and salt is want makes it “taste good”.

      Now if you wanna know what “chicken nuggets” are made of, THAT is gross.

  2. This stuff sells by the ‘Litro’ for only 60 pesos. A few of these before dinner and you can eat ANYTHING! “Bring on the Balut!”[img][/img]

    • ..rounded off, a Philippine Peso is worth about 2 cents USD. There are soooo many things about America that I miss, but I’m still glad I was able to gather up the balls to explore the other side of the world…alone! It’s like being in ‘Bizzaro Disney Land’ ..It ain’t easy, but what an adventure! My only regret is that I wish I was younger, this sweltering heat is killing me! I’ve been in the hospital twice for eating things that I couldn’t identify. You guys are about my only contact with the outside world… Thanks all…

      • both!!! The one on the left is about 100 pesos, the one on the right is the best choice! Sometimes, they come as a matched pair, ..she will want ‘maintenance’ fees.. After all, she needs shampoo for her hair, and rice for her starving children. Sometimes, it’s hard to say NO!

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