15 thoughts on “Oh, you want to cheat?”

  1. That would be one Elizabeth Lambert from New Mexico.

    Here’s a clip that shows one side of the story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvEobeNfGcc

    Here’s another showing the other side: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-5601480-504083.html

    But watch where little Miss Ponytail is putting her hands….I can tell you from experience as a 15 year old male putting your hands on a woman’s leg when she doesn’t want your hand on her leg will cause some pretty serious reactions.

    I’ve lived to be this old from learning that pretty and harmless are not always found in the same place. Did Lambert overreact? It isn’t my leg.

  2. I think the first reaction would be to slap her hand away, not pull her hair out by the roots and turf her in the dust with a bulldog expression. Wouldn’t want to piss her off myself.

  3. As a coach of a girl’s soccer team for five years, I saw some rough play, but Miss Lambert was way over the line. The video shows at least three incidents that should have gotten her carded. Since the fouls do not show the entire flow of the game, it is hard to determine why the play was so nasty, but the center ref did not seem to have control of the game.

    • I don’t know anything at all about soccer, Richard, but it seems to be a very rough sport. But in the now famous “ponytail tug” is what the opposing player doing not causative? Clearly, we as a society cannot condone the level of violence that Lambert showed during the game, however it does seem as if there were at least two incidents, the “ponytail tug” and the incident where Lambert was elbowed by another player, where it seemed as if she was provoked.

      However, I do agree with all this said, you would be correct in saying there seemed to be a loss of control by some sort of referee.

  4. “I don’t know anything at all about soccer, Richard, but it seems to be a very rough sport.”

    If you’re teenage girl I suppose soccer qualifies as “rough.” For everyone else, it’s only a half-step above bowling on the Rough Sports Scale.

    • Yes, soccer isn’t a manly sport like, say, baseball, where most of the injuries occur when the fat slob of a man pulls a muscle while running to first base.

      Should we check the amount of broken bones (specially legs) you see on soccer games and compare it to baseball, basketball and the such?

    • You have no exposure to soccer, I guess. Over the years, my team endured broken arms, fractured orbital bones, dislocations, torn ACLs and MCLs, concussions and numerous cuts. Yeah, it’s only a half-step above bowling…What is your definition of ‘rough’?

  5. The BYU coach probably knew that Ms. 15 plays rough so he had his Mormon ladies dirty it up to get Ms. 15 to overreact.
    Missionary accomplished……and the win is converted.

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