10 thoughts on “Worst Children’s Cereals”

  1. It shouldn’t be a surprise that ‘Golden Crisp’ used to be called ‘Sugar Crisp’ everywhere. It was the hangover cure of choice when I was in college.

  2. I guess my mom was right. Those cereals were all full of sugar. I can hear her in my head: “No, we can’t buy that one. It is full of sugar.”

  3. I happened to see that the local Hy-Vee store has Quisp cereal (remember that one, with the little Martian on the box?). $4 something for a pretty small box! I guess cash in on the nostalgia, huh?

  4. My picky-eater daughter would only eat Froot Loops for breakfast. The cat would pick out the left-over loops with one claw and eat them every morning. The daughter is fine, but the cat died of diabetes.

      • Cow milk is bad for humans and cats.

        Don’t tell me you are brainwashed by the dairy industry.

        A cigarette after a glass of milk is good for you. Corporations know best. They are people after all, and they care about you.

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