14 thoughts on “How to diaper your chicken”

  1. Who wants indoor chickens? I have chickens and they lay eggs outside in their coop. My chickens would never tolerate me handling them like that either.

  2. WTH is wrong with you? This is blatant animal abuse. Why would you want to treat this poor chicken this way? Let’s put this on you and force you to walk around like that.

    You are a sick person and need to get some help.

  3. Sending this video to my neighbor.
    Their backyard chickens endure bike rides and being dressed in doll clothes. Her kids will love this.

  4. Well, I finally think I’ve seen everything. I know nothing about chickens except how to cook them but would this contraption cover both exit spots of said chicken? That liquid yellow stuff can get pretty nasty smelling on a carpet too. Ah, gawd…I had to ask, didn’t I?

  5. Actually, I have a friend who has a pet indoor chicken. She knits it caps for the winter (it wears them gladly) and it watches TV (on a towel) with the family, and she swears it makes a great pet (with the exception of why this video was made). She takes it for walks around town just like a dog. No, she’s not nuts, just has an odd pet. I don’t get it, but I try not to judge. I sent her the link. If I find out she’s made one of these I’ll let ya know.

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