Davy Jones Takes Last Train To Clarksville

Davy jonesDavy Jones, the leader of the 1960s pop band The Monkees woke up dead this morning at his home in Florida. 

Jones sang lead on some of the group’s biggest hits, including Daydream Believer, Last Train To Clarksville, A Little Bit Me, A Little bit You, I’m a Believer and I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone

Jones, who like his  fellow Monkees bandmates had continued to perform, and had dates scheduled throughout the rest of the year.

Jones apparently suffered a heart attack in his sleep. He was 66 years old.

Jones is survived by his widow Jessica and four daughters from previous marriages.

Update: TMZ is reporting that Jones was at a ranch near his home visiting his horses when he started having trouble breathing.  Paramedics were called but Jones was pronounced dead at the hospital.


34 thoughts on “Davy Jones Takes Last Train To Clarksville”

  1. I had a tiger beat poster of him on my wall when I was a young one. He was so cute and funny. I like their music. Sweet dreams Davy.

  2. Bummer. I like the Monkees and their goofy show–better than a lot of what’s on these days.

    DJ – I agree, too many people I grew up around are dying too. And that does make me feel old.

        • I would have posted that a couple hours earlier, but I had just left home to run a few errands when I heard the news, so it wasn’t so ‘breaking’. While driving I was thinking about the right headline to use. Last Train To Clarksville won over No Longer a Believer.

      • Look at it this way…

        Mainstream Media announces young adults were using tampons to get drunk.

        Bits and Pieces readers are all over it in an instant, debunking the myth in the comment section, complete with links and evidence from people who have tried it, with terrible and non intoxicating results.

        I don’t know about CNN but I do know the people here will provide the truth.

  3. “Woke up dead” is something my family have always said for someone who dies in their sleep I have never heard it from any one else… Till now

    RIP Davy

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