25 thoughts on “Sunday Poll – How often do you change your bed sheets?”

  1. Jonco, as the poll owner, you should be able to edit the poll as long as you do it from the computer and browser that you used to create the poll. The cookie on your computer will allow you to edit the poll without losing the votes. BTW, if you recall, I was the one who recommended this poll site to you.

      • When I was a freshman in college, I went the entire year without changing the sheets. They did not make it home that summer ’cause I knew that my Mom would have a hizzy fit…

    • I’ll try that tomorrow after a few more results are in…. just to be sure. I didn’t recall that. There is a poll plugin for wordpre4ss, but I’ve never tried it. This one works well for me. But it would be nice to be able to edit it.

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