Nice Cars and Some Idiots

R Nickeymouse spends a lot of time filming vehicles on Mullholland Drive near Malibu California.

I mostly record motorcycles but some amazing cars pass by, these are a few car clips I’ve collected over the past months. included are Mclaren mp4-12c, Shelby Cobra, Lamborghini Porsche Speedster Ferrari,Jay Leno’s 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC, Lotus 7 Audi e-tron r8, Ariel Atom. The road is Mulholland Highway near Malibu California – Google Street View —

Thanks Andrew R


14 thoughts on “Nice Cars and Some Idiots”

  1. I like the psychic cops, when the woman in the blue Lamborghini stuck her car in the middle of road in the bend I thought “She shouldn’t do that” and the cops heard me and pulled her over.

    • Uncalled for and childish comment. Many of these cars are works of art and some of the owners, like Jay Leno, drive their artwork so others can enjoy the view and the sound.

      • Yea, ‘enjoy’ the sound. Like the redneck in the neighborhood who’s pickup with no muffler cant run without him gunning it at 5am when he goes to 7-11 to get his burrito. I sure enjoy that. Bottom line is that the artist who built it should be parading it, not the rich spoiled brat showing off what another mans skilled hands built and he will soon wreck. Exhibit A and B are the douchenozzles spinning out in the turns cuz they cant handle the horsepower.

    • I’ve seen a lot of service men and women, not to mention fire and rescue in parades. Remind me again which category they fall into.

  2. Not far from the Rock Store a popular biker hangout in the Malibu Hills between Kanan Dume and Las Virgenes Roads.
    Gets little crowded on the weekends, 2 and 4 wheel enthusiast. Just beware of the organ donors on their crotch rockets on blind curves.

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