5 thoughts on “The Judds – Grandpa, Tell Me About The Good Old Days”

  1. My mother sang this for the grange several times, and having first heard it from her I prefer the way she sang it… I might be biased…

    I think the answer to her questions, tho, is no, but maybe things weren’t as bad? People tend to look through rose coloured glasses when they look back at “the good ol’ days.”

  2. In my opinion this is the best song the Judds ever released. Things were different in the good old days. Not always better. Someday people will call these the good old days. Imagine that.

  3. This really touched me, TY Jonco.

    True though, the good old days are now, we hope.

    Things have changed so much and still do. The one line in that Judds’ song is about the daddy never going away — seems to happen a lot these days.
    Quite sad.

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