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    • Also how they sip coffee or coke without it streaming down the front of their shirts. Kind of makes you wonder about the thought process that goes into the “wouldn’t it be soooo cool if I could stick my tongue out without putting it through my lips!!!”

      Now, after forcing myself to look closer, maybe they didn’t puncture their bottom lip as much as it looks like they did and those are actually just pins that look like tongues (boy, I wonder who cornered the market on that).

  1. I love tattoos,I have several,I don’t have any on my face. I think tattoos are beautiful if done properly, those are hideous, a sword on your face?

  2. And to think my parents used to think it was terrible that I let my hair grow down to my collar because I looked like one of them hippies!

  3. Very sad to see all the negative comments towards these two. It’s different, yes. Some of the craziest, tattooed people I’ve met have been the most kind hearted people.

    I have tattoos and I have a job infi. I used to have purple pink blue green orange red hair and still had a job. A guy can look clean cut and wear a suit and still be a crappy worker compared to someone that has tattoos and piercings that can be a hard worker.

    Oh and I don’t have psychological scars to have had all my piercings and have my tattoos.

    • Part of it is generational, Deborah. I never got an tatts myself (OMG! A Marine without tattoos!!!), but that was personal preference. I was going for one with the Marine Corps emblem that said “Death Before Dishonor” but I sobered up. When many of us were growing up, the only folks you saw with tattoos were old sailors. Both of my daugthers have tatts and I actually took them for their piercings on their 18th birthday (when it was THEIR choice to get one). I can’t say I understand nose rings, belly button peircings or definitely the more obscure ones I’ve heard about, but it’s their choice. But, to us old folks (speaking for myself), it’s definitely different.

  4. Deb I have seen your tattoos you can keep them covered I was talking about looking presentable ( these two are not)or maybe Im too old fashioned Im sorry I upset you

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