Super Bowl 46 Ad Quiz

Advertisers spent $3.5 million on each commercial during the broadcast of Super Bowl 46, hoping to make an impression on you. Was it money well spent? Take this quiz to see which commercial messages stuck to your brain. All you have to do is name the product based on a one-line clue. You’ll find answers after each clue in hidden text — highlight it with your mouse to make it visible.

  • Office workers sing the “Rocky” theme, followed by other employees (Hyundai)
  • King Elton John makes his subjects audition (Pepsi)
  • Vampires explode around a campfire (Audi)
  • A guy in a foot race starts early, then fires his own gun (“The Dictator”)
  • A cheetah gets out of its cage and attacks a man (Audi)
  • The guys who invented Words With Friends are on an airplane (Best Buy)
  • Polar bears watch the Super Bowl (Coke)
  • After the apocalypse, men eat Twinkies and wonder where Dave is (Chevy Silverado)
  • Two women paint slogans on another woman’s body (GoDaddy)
  • Troy Aikman throws a football that’s not made of pigskin (Bridgestone)
  • Aliens attack the earth with giant spinning balls (“Battleship”)
  • Parents buy a gift for their son for his graduation (Chevy Camaro)
  • A dog buries a cat (Doritos)
  • A boy really needs to pee (
  • A dog decides to lose weight after getting caught in the doggie door (VW)
  • A soccer player shows off his tattoos (David Beckham Underwear at H&M)
  • A car is involved in crazy stunts including sky diving, bungee jumping, and a flip (Chevy Sonic)
  • Samuel L. Jackson wears an eyepatch (“The Avengers”)
  • A hot woman dresses in black and tells men “give and you shall receive” (TeleFlora)
  • The smallest dog wins the race at a dog track (Skechers Go Run)
  • A man’s confidence talks over his shoulder (
  • Grandma’s in a wheelchair and the baby’s in a swing (Doritos)
  • Sexy Italian woman seduces a man on the street (Fiat Abarth)
  • Regis gives a truck driver a prize (Pepsi Max)
  • A couch with bikini models, a time traveling baby, and a putting green at the DMV (Toyota Camry)
  • John Stamos teases a woman, who ends up head butting him (Oikos Yogurt)
  • A woman outdoes Donald Trump, Deion Sanders, and Apollo Ohno (Century 21)
  • Jerry Seinfeld wants to be #1, but Jay Leno beats him (Acura NSX)
  • A man marries bacon and is told “you may now eat the bride” (Jack In The Box)
  • Matthew Broderick takes a day off a la Ferris Bueller (Honda CRV)
  • Boss has a heart attack in the car (Hyundai)
  • A man has a rescue dog named We Go (Bud Light)
  • A man dreams of racing a car, a Motley Crue concert, women in bikinis, and a giant sub (Kia Optima)
  • A man lives w/monkeys with the “Odd Couple” theme in the background (
  • People waiting in line break out into a huge street party because of a new smartphone with a pen (Samsung Galaxy Note)



6 thoughts on “Super Bowl 46 Ad Quiz”

  1. I don’t recall the Jack In The Box ad. Is it possible that they only ran in areas where there are Jack In The Box restaurants?

  2. Yay, Canada! All the game, but none of the ads. We get stuck every year with the insipid Canadian ads. It’s maddening!

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