27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom”

  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom. I went to visit my Mom’s grave just yesterday. I took the time to remember some of the good stuff and I felt better afterwards…

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Jonco. We never forget our mothers. My Mom has been gone going on 36 yrs. now, and I still miss her. Gone at 62 yrs. old. She was my friend, pal and sister to me, and I still miss her very much.

    • I have no idea on the building.
      My mom had a habit of trying to colorize old photos. She used paint (watercolosr I think) to do it.
      In her later life she began to do some acrylic paintings. Mostly landscapes, barns and things like that. I have a few hanging around my house and a few more in storage. No Thomas Kincaid, but she enjoyed doing it. She was always disappointed with her clouds, said they never looked right. Here’s one she painted in 1982 that I have hanging in my bedroom.


    • My guess that this picture might have been taken in a photo studio, and they had different backgrounds you could stand in front of. That’s just off the top of my head.

  3. I’m on here everyday, never posted a comment. I remember seeing this photo last year when you published it. I just wanted to tell you- she was absolutely beautiful. <3 Fabulous photograph.

    • Thanks Carrie. I hope you read the comments to the posts. They’re often better than the posts.
      Thanks for reading B&P and leave a comment now and then. We’d love to have your input.

  4. Happy Birthday Jonco’s mom. Reading this makes me remember how precious life is. I think it’s time to start letting go of the bad things and forgive my mother. I still think it’s too soon but I’d rather it be too soon than too late. Thanks Jonco!

    • Once she’s gone it’s too late to tell her how you feel. All you have are memories. Life is short and there are no do-overs.

    • It’s time to forgive and forget whatever happened with your Mom. We never know what tomorrow brings, and even then it might be too late. Don’t forget she will always be your mother, and you only have one mother in your lifetime and it will be the first person you never will forget. Life is too short you are only passing this way but once.

  5. My mom paints, too, Jon.

    I think I will send her flowers tomorrow, and when I do, I’ll think of your mom, and how she prompted me to send them.

    Thanks, dude (and Jon’s mom)

  6. Nice story Jonco! I lost my mother when I was 19. You are so lucky to have had her in your life for so many years. She sounds like a wonderful person.

    • Thanks Jody.
      WOW, Just 19? I think that’s about the age when I started to realize that I wasn’t smarter than Mom.

  7. Reminded me of my mom, she used to “colorize” black and white photos in those days. Considered a talent back then. That may be originally a color photo, but thank’s for the mommeries anyway.

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