10 thoughts on “Super Bowl Major Meltdown”

  1. You know, I find these things REALLY disturbing. Parents filming things when they should put the camera down and deal with their kids. Like, in Japan, volleyball is a big deal (lol, I know. Volleyball is NOT the superbowl), but my son sometimes gets upset when Japan’s losing. Do I film him? No. Do I let him rant? No. I talk him down and explain how life is. My kids aren’t allowed to sit there and yell, nor do I let them go thermonuclear every time life doesn’t give them what they want. Of course, in Japan, our houses are not insulated, so when somebody yells, the whole neighborhood hears it. I suppose that changes things. But part of me is watching this and thinking “Put down the camera for a second and be a parent!”

    • I thought it was a little weird to post it on YouTube, but at least he didn’t put the camera in the kids face.

  2. Have I mentioned, the problem with kids today, is their parents.

    The problem with parents is they are too stoopid to have kids.

    In my Utopian Society parents would have to pass a rigorous test to have a kid. Something like what credible adoption systems have.

  3. “I can’t watch, I can’t watch!” – Yeah, his parents probably shouldn’t be letting him, if he can’t handle himself. I wonder if he gets this overworked at dot races? It’s just sports, maybe he should get out and play instead of watching others play. It’s just entertainment, these guys are paid to entertain, just like a clown. I think people need to understand this. Yes, it’s exciting for a few moments, but to get this emotionally worked up is very unhealthy.

  4. Hi all. My name is Greg and I am Ryan’s dad. If you go to YouTube and watch the other 400+ videos of the family, you will see that we are caring and loving parents who love to have fun. Actually, we are your typical American family. Our kids wake-up every day telling us how lucky they are to have us as their parents.

    Just the day before, my boy and I went to the Air and Space Museum where we had a blast. When the Super Bowl was over and the camera turned off, we used this as a teachable moment letting Ryan know that, while the Patriots lost, they put up a great effort and there is always the opportunity that they will be back next year.

    So, take a few moments, go to YouTube (THE DAILY GREG : http://www.youtube.com/user/stinkerflat1)and see what our life of fun, adventure and excitement is all about.

    Also just look here and see all the fun we had in 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKeEjSAuiS8&feature=plcp&context=C3612787UDOEgsToPDskLd9MIhk-JjiKHB6hNQZGDa


    Greg – (Ryan’s Dad)

  5. He is getting too worked up, parents need to turn the tv off and take him outside for icecream. That’s what my parents did when i got worked up over stuff like a computer game.

  6. I love all of the people who are giving this father advice. Not one of you could possibly have kids. I have three happy well balanced sons, and a beautiful daughter. We are a happy loving family who share all sorts of events. I have recordings of my kids having the occasional meltdown, doing some stunts that may, in retrospect, were a bit nutty. Kids do that. Recording these events as opposed to simply the “happy joyful” times is part of the mosaic that makes up the history of the family. I think Greg and his wife seem like wonderful parents from what I could hear. and even though I can’t stand the Patriots (and like the Giants even less), all I could think of watching that video were my own kids heartbreak watching their teams fall short. It was a reality check. I can’t wait until some of you folks preaching from your pulpits of piety have kids who are *gasp* normal and have the occasional fit. I’ll want to be there with a camera and be laughing my butt off as your child takes you down Reality Road!!

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