15 thoughts on “Go Veg!”

  1. Why does a person who wants / likes vegetables and who does NOT want to eat animal flesh care about a hot dog or a hamburger. They must be envious. I haven’t tasted a faux (veggy) meat substitute that comes anywhere NEAR the REAL thing. And, yes, they would look better in bacon.

    • You make a great point. I guess that a meat eater might want to try a hot dog that looks like a carrot. What is the point?

    • first off they make fake bacon i had some for dinner (and that is one thing that does not really taste like the real thing) but the tofu dogs are AWESOME. they taste slightly different but once you get all the condiments on you can’t tell. I’ve only been veggie for 4 years and grew up eating meat so i “know what i’m missing” and yes some of the stuff isn’t close but some of it you can’t tell a difference (like the chicken nuggets) and the best part is it’s all better for you then the “real” stuff.

      • hbshrimp, noted. Most hot dogs now-a-days are just meat sludge. I believe that we are omnivores. Not that that MAKES us meat eaters. All things in balance. Stir-fry is a good choice. I have raised AND “processed” animals for food. When I have control the process is as painless & merciful as possible. There are way too many chemicals and there is way too much torture in the animal meats that we eat. Every one should be REQUIRED to see how their steaks and nuggets come to be. Be that as it may, I like my steaks to wince a bit as I bit into them.

  2. Peta kills more animals a year than we even need to talk about, my ex-husband used to call them humaniacs.
    My food shits on their food.

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