Building a footpath around a mountain

Thousands of meters up the vertiginous slopes of Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province, China, a team of workers, operating with hardly any safety measures, are building a footpath.


The workers are building a plank road on the side of the mountain that, once it is finished, will stretch for 3km (9843 ft) and be China’s longest sightseeing footpath.



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6 thoughts on “Building a footpath around a mountain”

  1. I’d like to know, what with the comment about the lack of safety measures, what the accident rate ends up, how that compares to other similar projects with more safety measures, and a breakdown of exactly what accidents occurred.

  2. Kind of like the Chinese immigrants hanging over the cliffs of the Sierra Nevada Mountains digging and drilling by hand and blasting through rock in and extreme heat and cold to build the transcontinental railroad. Of course over 1000 died.

  3. Talking about the transcontinental railroad wich is like “one billion” years ago…
    Anyway, less safety measure means that you have to really take care about your own security that’s all. As long as everything is not falling appart… (think about the bamboo structure used for building asian scycrapers)

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