10 thoughts on “Have you found Jesus?”

  1. LOL LOL (I had to put the second LOL in there because it said my post was too short. But that’s okay, it’s worth two LOL’s.)

  2. “YES, how did you know? He appeared on a piece of whole wheat toast this morning. I slapped some butter and jelly on Him and down he went. Let’s see what he looks like tomorrow.”

  3. I had two of these dudes show up at my home one day. I told them I was cool but the folks across the street were heathens. The neighbors were actually Mormons. I watched through the blinds to see what would happen. I finally got bored after half an hour of watching them go at it…

    • The Jesus freaks took over the GOP. And Kristna’s opened up cheap and good vegetarian restaurants in most cities. Seriously. If you ever want an inexpensive, healthy, and good for you meal, they have a great bargin.

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