32 thoughts on “Find the cat in this picture”

  1. The first trick is too start in the middle and then go bigger circles.
    The next trick is too scan left to right bottom up.
    The 3rd trick is to divide into quadrants, then divide those into smaller quadrants.

    OK, I still can’t find the fucking cat.

  2. You can find it mathematically in a fibonacci spiral. Draw a giant square on the right, then another square, etc. in a spiral pattern…

    • Sometimes I think like that too, that it’s a trick. But the cat is there. It took me 2 – 3 minutes to find it. Once you see it, it’s obvious.

    • Oh, OK. The black and white cat is located about an inch in from the left border and midway between the upper and lower borders.

      • Thanks Richard, Me of all people who has all kinds of cats over the years couldn’t find it. But with your help there it was. I’ve been studying this picture for the past few days and even saw on another website and still couldn’t find it. Think my eyes are crossed forever now. ha! ha!

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