9 thoughts on “Astronaut Quote”

  1. There is a quote that was supposedly from one of the first astronauts that said, “I looked out of the window and never felt so small and insignificant as when I realized that every piece of equipment around me was supplied by the lowest bidder.”

  2. Astronauts…the ones who’ve actually stood on the moon, they’re so bad-ass. Real heroes for the rest of us!

  3. Everyone wants to blame the politicians, and the government, but who the hell are the folks who keep electing them?

  4. i say we drop them all on the moon and tell them they can have there space suits when they eliminate the debt. and learn to live with in there means like normal people. wait most normal people haven’t figured that out ether. if most of the people figured out that money out should be less then money in we could fix this great place.

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